Thursday, May 8, 2014

Good Enough

on the road to Taos
Clearly I suck at being able to blog with any regularity.  I was thinking about catching you up but I'm not going to do that.  Instead, I'll reveal all the juicy adventures I've had over the last few months in my upcoming book and just pick up where I am now and that is Taos, New Mexico.

I've been here a couple of days now and once again I feel incredibly gifted with where I've landed.  My host home is about 20 miles outside Taos in an area called the Mesa.  There is a documentary film called Off the Grid: Life on the Mesa, I saw it several years ago and never imagined that I would end up so close to the front lines of the wild west.  On the Mesa, the Hippy Militia keep things in order.  Life is brutal and hard out here and there is no room for free loaders or thieves, anyone else seems to be welcome.
the view from my window
Anyway, my host home is completely off the grid but unlike the tepee has running water, electric and propane.  It is round, one room with a sleeping loft and partly underground.  There are several outbuildings including a shop and art studio.  The art studio is round and made of earthen walls.  A perfectly beautiful creative space.  All things around here are rustic but more than enough and very, very comfortable.  I of course, am staying in the PC, still peeing in a bucket but am able to shower in the house and have access to an outhouse. Unfortunately I am still battling my nemesis, the refrigerator.  It seems my solar panel isn't enough to charge the battery and so I have to use an ice chest.  I won't give up!  When I solve my fridge issues then all my trailer systems work good enough.

I have found the all important local coffee shop, it's called The Coffee Spot.  There are plenty to choose from in town but this one is arty, the sweets and all offerings are made in their kitchen and the coffee is good.  There's no need to go anywhere else.  I am learning that good enough is more than enough.  Last night my host and I went to hear some local music and it was good.  Being able to listen and enjoy singer/songwriters again is a real gift.  I have been writing and playing too which feels quite wonderful.  My voice in both singing and writing are changing.  I am changing.
Yesterday during the day we went to a local clothing optional hot spring.  Actually, it's the hot spring that was in the film Easy Rider but there were no naked Fonda or Hopper in sight.  My friend and I actually had the spring to ourselves.  It was wonderful.  And once again I am able to be naked outside just the way I was meant to be.