Sunday, February 12, 2012

My big house

 I've been cleaning the house in order to take some pictures so I can continue the process of closing up shop here in Nashville.  I'm excited about the changes coming up but it doesn't make letting go any easier.  I love my house.  I designed it for lovers, lovers of the arts, gardening, pets and each other---Like I said, I hate to let go but I look forward to meeting the young lovers who will enjoy this home.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

the middle of the beginning of the end

 The "Pork Chop" is only the vehicle.  The real adventure is getting rid of my stuff.  Today I am making a flyer in order to sell my beautiful piano---this sucks!  I mean really?  Couldn't I just get a real job, pay the mortgage and go on with business as usual?  But Nooooo.  Rent my house?  Store my stuff?  Be measured and logical?  Only if I had a lobotomy last night.

So here I am trading this...

For this...                                           this...                                                    ...and this.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Introducing the Pork Chop

"I'm selling my home, selling my stuff and taking to the road in a 12 foot trailer I call 'the Pork Chop'...or at least that's the plan."

Hello and welcome.  This blog is a written and pictured account of a resurrection, actually of two resurrections, that of a vintage trailer and of yours truly.  At the half century marks we both find ourselves in need of some repairs.  I had a plan.  I liked having a plan.  I felt secure having a plan.  But I suppose you can imagine what happened to my plan.  Now here's the choice, try to rebuild what had been and cling to a lifestyle that was or let it all go.

So let me tell you a little bit about the "Pork Chop."  She is a 1954 Shasta trailer.  I'm guessing a little at her exact year but it's pretty close according to what I could find out online.  These Shasta trailers have affectionately been called "canned hams" because they look like...a canned ham.  Hence the nick name "Pork Chop".  I found her in a town outside of Nashville in need of a little lovin',  actually in need of quite a bit of lovin' and heaven knows how I like a project!  Even if she didn't need all that much to make her road worthy I would have found any number of reasons to fix her up, it's just my nature, the way I process changes in my life.

Anyway, my idea was to clean her up and have her ready to hit the road in 6 weeks.  Yep.  That was 6 months ago.  She needed way more more work than I had realized.  But my thoughts went along these lines, "I remodeled a house in 9 months so how long could 70 square feet take?"  Yep, that was 6 months ago.  Did I mention that?  My friends certainly do admire my optimism or delusions.  Take your pick.  In any case here are a couple of pictures of the exterior of the trailer the day I picked her up.

Next post I think I'll show you some pictures of the original interior or perhaps some video.  My plan, ooh there I go again with the planning thing.  Anyway, how about going with the idea that the universe may inspire me to put up another post next Sunday but then again, the "Pork Chop" was only going to take 6 weeks.